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About Us

As they grow, large mining pools stop caring about their customers. They increase the commission and introduce additional payments. We have launched a new pool with a 2% commission and we want to create the most favorable conditions for Ethereum miners.

We value our miners

Our values:

Equality. We value miners with any hash rate equally. You can connect to even with 1 GPU and receive a reward for your small contribution.

Support. We understand that many miners, especially beginners, find it difficult to connect to the pool. For this, we have prepared a lot of instructions and video presentations. If you still have any issues, you can contact technical support – and they will help you.

Honesty and transparency. All information about hashrate, block size and luck rate are publicly available on our website. No hidden fees. You get exactly as much as you mined – and you can check this data against the metrics.

Accountability. We are responsible to the miners. Our responsibility is to provide them with up-to-date information and warn them if there are any problems in the mining poolEthereum system or blockchain.


Our contacts

Technical support: HashalotSupport

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