Mining FAQ

General issues

What is Hashalot Mining Pool?

It is a co-mining platform which allows mining cryptocurrencies more efficiently. The program distributes tasks between the participants – and several miners mine one block at the same time.

What is the pool commission?

The commission is 2%. This is lower than most Ethereum pools have.

Is registration required?

No, you can mine anonymously as well. Then, instead of a UserName, when connecting to the program, you will specify your wallet. Unregistered users can’t mine several coins at the same time.

How to start mining with a pool?

You need to download a mining program and connect to our port. The port number for ETH is 3401.

Read more in this manual.

What power can be connected?

You can connect to the pool with any capacity (even if it is your personal computer or laptop). You can also rent equipment on NiceHash and connect through it if you want.

What cryptocurrencies are available?

Today, only Ethereum (ETH) mining is available in the Hashalot pool.

Questions about mining ETH

How can I get my ether wallet address?

Create it on any site where you can do it. For example, you can download Mist Client on Github or link a wallet from the exchange.

How do I withdraw my reward directly to the cryptocurrency exchange?

You need to connect to the pool using the wallet that you created through your crypto exchange. It is important that site must allow users to keep the cryptocurrency on their own wallets.

How can I mine anonymously?

Crypto wallet itself allows you to remain anonymous, so you just need to not specify your e-mail when registering on our website. To mine without an account, when setting up, always enter the ETH wallet address instead of UserName.

If I mine anonymously, how can I view the statistics?

Your wallet data is still stored without storing your personal data. You can see ir on the Minestats page.

Console statistics are different from pool metrics - why?

Hashalot statistics only display the hashrate that the pool has received and processed from you. Your equipment may be performing other tasks in parallel at this time, so the data is different.

I have some Etherium on my account. How and when can I withdraw it?

If you mine anonymously, payments are made automatically every day at 11:00 UTC. Registered users can choose the amount and time when to withdraw the reward. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.05 ETH (at the time of writing the FAQ, it is about $20).

How can I assess the potential of my equipment and how much can I earn?

Use the What To Mine calculator to calculate your profit based on your hashrate.

I had started mining anonymously and then registered. Can I sync accounts?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can only wait for payments to the old wallet and continue mining on the new one.

I don't see my stats. What to do?

Miner statistics are updated after every hour of work. If you have been mining for several hours and the data has not loaded, stop and write to our support.

I want to mine other coins. Can you add them?

We will add new cryptocurrencies as demand grows. You can ask us to add the coin you need, only if your equipment’s hashrate is not less than 0.5% of the required one.


What is the minimum payout amount?

The current minimum payout amount is 0.05 ETH.

What is the withdrawal fee?

You can withdraw cryptocurrency to your wallet without commission. The exception is the periods of the highest market activity.

Why haven't I received my payout?

Most likely, we have already sent funds to your wallet, but they have not yet been processed by the blockchain. If you think that you are waiting too long, contact support to get more information.

I accidentally entered the wrong wallet. Is it possible to recover the losses?

Unfortunately no. The blockchain does not allow interfering with transactions in the same way as banks do. Be more careful next time.

How do I set up automatic payments?

Only registered users can select the amount of automatic withdrawal of funds. To do this, go to the Balances, add your wallet and go to Auto Withdraws.

I disconnected before the block was mined. Will I receive my reward?

The pool counts the numbest of shares. Your reward depends on them. So, even if you could not wait for the end of the block mining due to technical reasons, the system will still be able to count your contribution.